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Brand Introduction

BACOENG is a highly professional and reliable brand for pumps, valves and related application components dedicated to make your life easier and enable you to take full control of the water supply systems at your home and garden, as well as commercial space and private laboratory.

With highest industrial standards on our key components, BACOENG ensures quality, long-lasting products with quick and flexible installation to give you a peace of mind for long period of time. Maintaining the optimum temperature in your spaces will contribute to energy efficiency in your home or office by decreasing heat loss.  Safety comes first, so you can be sure that all components are non-toxic, harmless and do not release any harmful gases.

We are here to help you get Smart Control over your:

  • Indoor hot water system – Try out our traditional electromagnetic valve, water pump, booster pump, as well as intelligent solutions with full control over traffic, time and temperature.

  • Outdoor water supply system – Enjoy DC or AC solution to fit your watering needs perfectly.

  • Private laboratory – We’re proud to offer you BHO, Degassing, Arduino System or DIY Automation System.

Enjoy the most quality products and components, quick and easy installation and affordable prices only with BACOENG!

                                       Product Series And FAQ


Motorized Valve

  1. Voltage/Current/Speed of opening(closing) 
  2. Bore size/Liquid/Pressure/Temperature/Cv 
  3. Wire Diagram/NC/NO 
  4. Difference between CR05,CR501,CR502
  5. Check and repair Actuator
Solenoid Valve
  1. I didn't see +/- labeled on the terminals. Does it matter which way it is hooked up?
  2. Is this food safe product ? Can it be used with hot drinking water?
  3. Does this unit get hot if it is energized for long periods of time thus increasing the water temperature flowing through it?
Vacuum Chamber
  1.  I have installed and used this vacuum chamber in accordance with the instructions, but the vacuum only reached -25inHg. And after 20minutes, it was left with -20inHg, what should I do?
  2. I need the vacuum of -29inHg, why does the pressure gauge show only max -14?
  3. Were you able to pull a full 29inHg of vacuum? I could only get 27inHg.
Vacuum Pump
  1. My vacuum pump is very hot. After continuous use for an hour, it suddenly stopped working, what should I do?
  2.  I've been using the pump for three months, and there's a lot of oil mist coming out of the oil cap lately, is that normal?
  3. Were you able to pull a full 29inHg of vacuum? I could only get 27inHg.
Heat Pad
  1. The temperature does not rise at all or rise to a value but could not rise any further.
  2. The temperature rise very slowly or rise for a while and then drop.
  3. The temperature can only rise (cannot be refrigerated), the temperature is too high, can I control it?
Circulation Pump      
  1. In the following two situations: a) The water heater does not have a return pipe; b) The water heater has a return pipe. Which pump should I choose to use? In what type of situation can I use a flow switch and a timer?
  2. How to use it in an underfloor heating system?
  3. What is lowest the power usage can be?
  4. What's the relationship between ⅠⅡⅢ and automatic & manual ?
  5. What's special about the new products?
  6. The difference between circulating pumps available in the market place.
On Demand Pump
  1. What are the inlet and outlet fittings?
  2. Is the pump very noisy?
  3. Is it a self-priming pump?
  4. What is the maximum temperature of liquid this pump can run?
  5. Can the pump run dry?
  6. I can't shut off my pump automatically. Why won't the pressure switch work?
  7. The motor is running, but no self-priming?
  8. Pumps start and stop frequently?
Water Filtration
  1. Will TDS of UF/RO waters change?
  2. The water purifier discharges black water, can it be drunk?
  3. When using two weeks,the bottom of housing shattered. Why?And where can I buy the clear filter housing?


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